About The Australian Movement

The Australian Movement are uniquely positioned to assist your company in Southwest China from their base in the city of Chengdu in Sichuan. Compared to the large presence of foreign companies on the Chinese east coast, Southwest China remains a largely untapped opportunity. Sichuan province alone has a population of 81 million people and is the fastest growing economy in the region.


Red tape, as well as language, cultural barriers separating Australia and China mean that doing business between the two countries presents a unique problem. The Australian Movement (TAM) helps companies navigate this space and ‘move’ products and services between Australia and China.

When engaging TAM you will gain access to Chinese language assistance, cultural know-how and a vast network including businesses and government connections across a myriad of industries in Southwest China. Most importantly, you will be dealing with Australian team members who are proficient mandarin speakers and can help you achieve your desired result. Your success is our success.

The services The Australian Movement offers are:

-Chinese Cultural Intelligence (CQ);

-Engaging the Australian Chinese Market;

-Chinese language assistance;

-Trust Brokerage;

-Sports Diplomacy; and

-In-market Networks.

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