China Advisory

We provide expert advice on strategy across all parts of your China market entry. Additionally, we can assist through:

  • Undertaking market and industry research;
  • Completing feasibility studies;
  • Providing information on key trends across a broad range of sectors; and
  • Navigating the stark cultural barriers that exist.

This advice provides you with a clear roadmap on how to set and achieve your business objectives, with a realistic understanding of the necessary resources, actions and talent required.


Our in-depth local market knowledge allows us to advise on marketing strategies, in particular:

  • Identifying key market segments;
  • Understanding customer expectations; and,
  • Expanding your brand’s audience and exposure through China specific marketing channels.

We do this by setting up marketing channels, including website, social media and other digital marketing infrastructure. We can also assist in the planning and execution of events in market.

Business Development

Upon establishing a clear strategy, we can facilitate your China market entry through company registration and general business infrastructure setup. You can also leverage our network of Australian and Chinese Government contacts, in-market industry associations and contacts in business.

We fast track the development of your China business by providing guidance and support, leading to a sustainable and successful Chinese business model. Examples of how we do this include:

  • Identifying potential collaboration partners;
  • Identifying related business opportunities; and
  • Facilitating high quality communication with Chinese partners.

Operations Support

Once you have established your business, we can be the feet on the ground ensuring that your interests are upheld. We can assist in the management of your projects and resolve any operational issues, removing the inevitable roadblocks along the way.

Cultural Training

In acting as a bridge between Australia and China, we have a suite of cultural training courses for people that are in the early stages of their exposure to China. Similarly, we provide cultural awareness training for Chinese nationals wishing to engage with the Australian market.